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Cosmetic Veneer


Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer



Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer
Discolored or stain teeth
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer
Desire of a brighter teeth and radiant smile
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer
Slightly misaligned / Uneven teeth
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer
Short teeth or teeth with gaps between them
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer
Slightly chipped teeth


Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer

What is cosmetic veneer?

This method uses Veneer is a thin layer of porcelain which replace original tooth enamel on the tooth surface. Dental porcelain crown & bridge is the method for both treatment and cosmetic, Veneers are only for specific case in cosmetic dentistry


The most popular and advanced method in cosmetic dentistry without affecting structure and longevity of your natural teeth. Because only a thin layer of enamel on the surface will be removed.
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic VeneerVeneer can be done in a short amout of time, no pain or numbed.
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic VeneerOnly a small part of enamel on the surface of natural tooth are filed, almost without causing any effect to your teeth.
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer

A Au International Dental: More than 800 cases of Cosmetic Veneer per year

Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer We received more than 800 cases of Cosmetic Veneer every year
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer Our Dentist team is now leading in Cosmetic Dentistry
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer The whole process can be done in a shortest time to help bring back the bright and radiant of natural teeth.
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer Cosmetic Veneer are made from high quality porcelain – Vita brand (Germany) and doesn’t cause any damage to your natural teeth.

Before and After

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  • Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer


Type of Veneer at A Au International Dental:

Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer Ultra thin Veneer:
Ultra thin Veneer is suitable for customer who desire a bright radient white teeth. The thickness of Veneer is only 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm and will be placed on the surface of the teeth.

Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer Normal Verneer:
Normal Veneer will solve all problem with slightly chipped teeth, misaligned, short teeth,… that’ll help customer to have a nice bright radient smile.

Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer
Ultra thin Veneer
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer
Normal Verneer
Loại răng sứ Giá chính thức (Giảm 20% trên đơn giá) 
Mặt dán Veneer CAD/CAM (Laminate) 6.900.000 chỉ còn 5.500.000
Mặt dán Veneer CAD/CAM (Laminate) siêu mỏng 7.400.000 chỉ còn 5.900.000
Trong các trường hợp làm từ 10 Dán sứ Veneer trở lên, giảm thêm 5%
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  • Creterion

    Of Customer Service

  • Polite, friendly & thoughtful in communicate with customer.
  • Professional & dedication in every Dental Service.
  • Choosing the most effective & time-saving solution for customer.
  • Treasuring customers time.
  • Keeping our reputation in both words & actions with customer.
Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer

Đăng ký khám và tư vấn miễn phí


Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer

Examination & Consultant: Dentist will check customer’s teeth condition to determine if veneers are the right option for you. This first step is critical for a successful result.

Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer

3D Imaging: With the support of Cone Beam 3D and other modern equipment, dentist will create a 3D mock-up that will allow customer to see if the final result is actually what they’re looking for.

Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer

Sterilizing & Surface treatment: After sterilizing, dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel on the surface of the teeth

Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer

Making an impression of the teeth: Dentist will take an impression of the teeth so the cosmetic veneer can be made accordingly and natural looking.

Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer

Attaching your cosmetic veneer: Dentist will start to attach veneer on your natural teeth with a special cement and other equipment. After that is the result of a pearly white teeth and beautiful smile

Untitled-1-1 Cosmetic Veneer

Re-Examination: Re – Examination to ensure safety and the beauty of the teeth.

We preserve our reputation by protecting customer right

Always accompany and keeping customer trust are our first priority, beside our authentic warranty policy we also have other customer support policy in case of any subjective fault happen.

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